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Join us in the pursuit of zero door to door job search.

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When someone uses your account,we increace amount of loan we can entrust you.

Register from above clickable button(hover on top to see the button) Your mini-CV can be viewed for a period of two years,you also join our members who qualify for a paypal loan two months after you register.

How to take advantage of Guruscope.

We are commited towards zero door to door job search

You need a paypal account to make payment,luckily you can link it to mpesa which make is it effecient.

The big question is,Does having a degree qualify you a job??Yes,Our whole aim is to ensure that we create a team of experts to corporate world.This is to ensure that we offer them an opportunity to reach you.Just learn that somebody is seating your position because you didn't learn that vacancy when his/her boss was employing