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Guruscope staffing organisation

We work everyday to ensure that you get to an employment which you qualify.We charge the employer who really aim to work with us.

You drop your cv in our online site which has a good form where you fill your qualification,employers who fill you are fit call you

We ensure that  EMPLOYMENT is longer a game of luck,Your qualification can be viewed by every one


You could be unemployed with degree,diploma,certificate,craft.etc some one see your certificate


Register to have all employers view your qualification


Easy to use CV form


No of CEO registered to use our site


No of people with degree who got employed on on our site

Testimonials not their real photos

Joseph Frank

“Nothing comes so easy than we expect,Sometimes we feel that the future is fading,till right people come on the way,This what guruscope has done to me,you feel like the rest of the world  is no understanding.What can you say when you have papers and everywhere you go people tell you not this time??I didn’t believe when someone call be saying that i was ready to get employed on a full time basis”